About Us

A History of Car Wash Products and Service (CWPS)

  The history of CWPS is not about a company, but about people. While a group of people working together forms a business entity, it is the interaction between those people and the customer that make the difference. We opened our doors on December 1 of 2003 with two employees. On January 5, 2004 we expanded to four employees.

    The founding employees of CWPS all worked for a major producer of car wash equipment. That company, as well of most of those in this business, makes fine equipment. We at CWPS are striving to differentiate ourselves from the other car wash distributors in the metro area through outstanding customer service. We will strive to serve our customers to the best of our ability. To that end, I believe that we have some of the best car wash technicians in the area. As we continue to grow our service reach, we will expand the service team as we see the need.

    Another key member of the CWPS team is our supply base. We provide services through partner companies that include electrical work, plumbing, banner production, sump cleaning, bay relining, bay painting, car wash buildings and others. Our partners are carefully selected to ensure they provide a level of service that will match or exceed CWPS's. Our goal is to provide our customer with a seamless offering of varied services.

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