We strive to provide our customers with the best chemicals, marketing and support possible. They offer a full line of touch free automatic, tunnel, rollover, self-serve, and full serve products to meet your operation needs, and to provide you with the best results, and highest profits possible.


CWPS features a full line of professional car care products.


We provide all of our chemical customers with monthly check-ups, where we test to make sure they are providing their customers with the cleanest car possible, and at the lowest cost to them. We do this by monitoring chemical consumption, titration, and other key factors that help to provide a clean car

We also provide our customers with cost breakdowns of what it is costing them to wash a vehicle at each of their locations with our chemicals, and detailed reports accessible online. All of these services come free of charge to every one of our chemical customers! Contact our Sales Team to find out how you can get started today!


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