Car Wash Systems


The Typhoon can provide you with the income of two bays from a single automatic. The simultaneous action of five independent wands delivers thorough cleaning power while using a fraction of the time needed by typical in-bay car washes.


The faster you can get cars through the bay means the quicker you head for the bank. The Typhoon can wash cars at a rate of up to 40 CARS PER HOUR. The Typhoon represents a single-bay investment with double-bay returns!


The Typhoon applies chemical and washes five sides of the vehicle at one time. With this unique process we are able to effectively clean more cars per hour than any other touchless, adjustable automatic on the market today. The Typhoon comes standard with on-board rocker panel blasters and underbody wash so you can control the entire cleaning process.


Oasis designed the Monsoon to provide operators a machine with the least amount of moving parts while giving your customers the best possible wash. Any type of operation will benefit from this unique, adjustable, high-pressure TOUCH FREE wash.


Our gear-drive system has machine tool precision. There is no need to worry about low air or flat tires causing the machine to slip or skew. With the Oasis unique drive, every movement in the bay is exact.


Hydraulically powered, the Monsoon drive system is so reliable we offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the drive-- a feature that is unmatched in the industry.


Just because a car wash operator may not have space for a large system doesn't mean their customers deserve anything less than the most advanced technology in the industry. The Jetstream wash designed per customer request to provide the best self-serve avaiable while conserving space.


Computer controlled to increase the life of the equipment.


Compact design and stainless steel construction.


Totally self-contained, pre-plumbed and pre-wired for fast installation and easy access to chemicals.


For more information on the Oasis car wash systems please contact us or visit the Oasis website.

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