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CWPS offers a wide choice of quality equipment for touch, touch-free, combination, or customer choice tunnels. But much more than equipment goes into a vehicle wash tunnel. Key elements like your hard work, talents and skills, and your financial investment. But how do you make the most of those assets? CWPS can assist you in site evaluation, conventional or cutting-edge design concepts, layout, installation, project coordination, marketing, operation, maintenance and chemicals as needed.

No two owner/site/building combinations are ever the same. There are just too many variables, ideas, and options, and your creative individuality and personal experience. CWPS does retain and repeat successful design aspects and best practices, but we build and review every project from scratch so that it fits you and your specific site. We won't tell you how it must be done. We believe, in the end, that your informed opinion is the only one that matters because it's your tunnel. Our job is to provide sound advice and experience to help you make informed decisions. Our approach is to define your ideas, criteria, and preferences and then explain how it can be done.

CWPS adheres to a guiding principle in our equipment philosophy: simple quality. Our key criteria in selecting car wash vendors and systems are performance, innovation, simplicity, and quality in the equipment design. You see, CWPS installs and services even more than we sell, 24/7 including holidays. In our Preventive Maintenance packages, service problems often become our problems, on our nickel. Simple quality keeps service calls down. Simplicity also makes a wash more friendly and attractive to the consumer. Take a real or a virtual tour of our installations. They are noticeably “cleaner”. Simple quality designs bring fewer breakdowns, better accessibility, easier fixes, and higher customer appeal. The bottom line: happier customers, lower costs and higher revenues.

At CWPS, we work hard for our customers. Not because we have to, but because we enjoy it and are excited by every new project. Our goal is to serve you well whether you are designing, building, operating, or maintaining your tunnel. We believe that if we serve others well, our corner of the world will be better for both of us and for your customer.

CWPS strives to be sincere, open, and straightforward, always to treat people fairly and with respect, not to over-promise, and to enjoy your friendship. This promotes communication and trust, keeping your project on time, on budget, and on spec.

Whether you are building a new tunnel, replacing old equipment, inclined toward conventional or innovative designs, our commitment and particular skill is to work with you to generate new ideas and better solutions than either of us would have developed on our own. Our tunnel specialist will help you define your project, survey your needs, generate ideas, suggest solutions, and coordinate your project at the level you desire. This process starts with getting to know you and completing a project survey to define the specifics of your project and our level of involvement.

To discover all the resources that CWPS has available to make your installation a success, please contact us.





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